Boris the Spider

Boris the Spider was one of our all time favourite stories from this week's library box. We read it so many times that I lost count.
Boris The Spider

"Boris the Spider", is written by Damian Harvey and illustrated by Daniel Postgate.

In the story, Boris the Spider, escapes from his cage and runs riot all over the house. The boys loved the antics of the spider who is a character full of mischief and humour.

Boris the Spider is a rhyming story. It has terrific pictures which add all the details eager eyes love to seek out.

While we were more than happy to read about Boris, we decided we didn't actually want to have any spider like Boris come and live in our house! As it is, our youngest son does his best to locate any spider within a hundred kilometre radius of our house. Everyone within yelling distance knows when he's located one!

Our favourite part of Boris the Spider was definitely the last page! Could you imagine a spider coming and giving you a - wait - I can't tell you the ending of the story! That would ruin it. You'll just have to find the ending out for yourself when you read the book.

As the book has 180 words, it's great for children who are beginning to read independently.

So if you're looking for a book recommendation from 4 & 6 year old boys, you've got one for Boris the Spider! We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Boris the Spider: A Learning Activity

Have a look at how the following learning activity which relates to Boris the Spider: Make Boris the Spider.

In this activity, children make their own spiders out of recycled materials. The process and the end product are both rewarding.

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