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Make Quirky Silhouettes Easily

Make Quirky Silhouettes Easily

Quirky Silhouettes may at first look complicated but this is an easy art project to do with kids with effective results. I …

Arduino Workshop

Arduino Workshop

We’re about to launch into the world of arduino, exploring and experimenting with electronics. To start with, we’re going to use the …

Audiobooks as Writing Prompts

Use Audiobooks As Writing Prompts

Using audiobooks as writing prompts is a fantastically easy way to effectively springboard young writers into writing. For many children (and adults), …

Audiobooks are fantastic literacy tools!

Amazing Advantages of Audiobooks

Audiobooks are Fantastic Literacy Tools We’ve discovered we LOVE audiobooks! Want to know why? Read on … Recently, our family went on …

Nerf Gun Multiplication

Nerf Gun Multiplication Game

Nerf Gun Multiplication is a fun game which encourages players to recall their times tables, as well as to use addition. Best …