A Quick Sight Words Game

As we review sight words , I'm often looking for different ways to make the learning process fun. Here's a quick sight words game that's really easy to prepare. In fact, you can do it in minutes.

The Aim of this Quick Sight Words Game

  • For your child to read the word off the sight word card, use it in a sentence, locate it on the paper game sheet and mark it off.


A Quick Sight Words Game

  • Create a game sheet by using a large sheet of paper and drawing twice the number of circles on the sheet as you have sight words to review.

    For example, if you have 10 words, draw 20 circles.

    Write one sight word inside each circle. This means that each word will be written twice.

  • Use sight word cards or write the words you are reviewing on a white board/paper as you play with your child.

To Play

  • Encourage your child to read the first sight word (either from a card or from what you've written).
  • Ask them to put the word in a sentence.

    By encouraging your child to use the word in a sentence, you are able to check their comprehension of the word. It also helps to give the word meaning and makes the game more interesting.

  • A Quick Sight Words Game

  • Next invite your child to find the word on their game sheet which you created earlier.

    They can either colour it in, or give the word a tick.

    I like using the tick method as it's quick and also encourages prewriting skills of moving the pen in two different directions. Plus, my boys love ticking things as opposed to colouring which takes "too long" in their opinion.

  • The game finishes when all the cards have been read, the words have been used in sentences and all circles have been ticked or crossed off.

    Simple but effective.

    Do you have a favourite sight words game which your children love to play?

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