Children’s Stories are What Stories and Children is All About

Children's stories are what Stories and Children is all about. Susan really loves to write stories and draw illustrations that spark children's imaginations. Our stories engage children so that reading is a joy not a task!

Children's Stories: education is life

We are continually adding to and updating our children's stories app collection.

Each storybook is great source of English for kids. They are excellent TESOL resources. Children with special needs enjoy reading our stories.

Your child will LOVE them!

Children's Stories: Big and Small Paper Books

Children who read will succeed!

At Stories And Children, we:

  • create story apps which make reading a joy.
  • support parents and teachers with ideas for reading and other story-related activities. Did you know that parent and child health are strengthened by reading?
  • provide a range of educational activities and ideas to promote learning through fun
  • We want to help you equip your children with life skills which starts very simply by reading children's stories in English for kids!

    Reading Books with Children is Vital!

    Children's Stories life is education & education is life
    We're passionate about combining stories and children.
    Which is why we've created so many children's storybook apps and activities.

    Reading is the key to children's future. But more importantly,
    reading stories with your child can be so much fun!

    So welcome! Enjoy Stories And Children's Kids Stories!

    By the way, we LOVE comments!!! So please feel free to leave comments about your experiences and thoughts here or on our facebook page.
    Have a great day!

    Great English Children's Stories as storybook apps that are ideal for early readers, special needs reading and TESOL applications. The stories in English for kids have teacher guide notes included and many special activities and resources.
    Susan's illustrated books will help in learning English reading for kids and oldies alike.

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