Where’s My Teddy?

Where's My Teddy?

This is one of my all time favourite books which involve teddy bears: "Where's My Teddy?"

Here are our thoughts on Where's My Teddy created by Jezz Alborough:

Age Level: 3 years and up.


  • Excellent - full of colour, detail
  • Depicits the emotions of the boy and bear easily


  • Written in rhyme - and is done so well. It's a pleasure to read.


  • It's one of those books you want to keep turning the pages to find out what is going to happen.


  • Definitely funny!
  • Great for reading aloud and dramatising by adding 'voices' to the characters.

Other Notes:

I love the way this book plays with different sizes. Eddy is so small in a gigantic green forest. As for Eddy's teddy, Freddy, it's enormous. Then there's the bear who has the opposite problem. The bear is enormous and his teddy is 'tiddly and small'.

There are other books in this series that we've read as well ... all of them excellent and worth reading.

It's the Bear
It's the Bear is really funny. We read this book so many times that it's a wonder we didn't wear the pages out before returning it to the library!

My Friend Bear
My Friend Bear is the third book in the series in which the bear and the boy finally become friends. It too is a great read.

Perhaps these books inspired a recent impromptu teddy bears' picnic in our kitchen the other day. :o)
Teddy Bear Picnic?

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