What is in Our Blood?

Have you ever wondered what is in our blood?

When we read a book recently, we discovered the answer. The book was ...

I Know How We Fight Germs

To find out why we found this book to be helpful and informative, click here.

Based on the facts we learnt in this book, we engaged in a child-friendly art activity in which we looked at the four main components of blood:

  • White blood cells,
  • Red blood cells,
  • Platelets and
  • Water.

What is in the our blood?

The boys used cotton wool balls to represent the white blood cells, and coloured paper for the platelets, red blood cells and water. Green paper was added to symbolize germs.

What is in the our blood?

After they'd finished the collages, we wrote about blood in an attempt to include some writing and spelling in the activity for our oldest son.

What is in the our blood?

The youngest seemed to enjoy the pasting aspect the most - especially when it came to the challenge of sticking down cotton wool balls without coating all fingers and thumbs in fine fibres.

Did you know ....

... that white blood cells use chemicals to kill of bacteria and while they eat viruses? Ah ... the amazing facts you learn when you start researching different topics.

I'm so thankful for access to both the internet and a wide range of books from the library! How else would we be able to find out the answers to all the questions these boys come up with?

What is in the our blood?

Now we can move onto the next question they'd like to know about ... "How does the body refresh the blood?"

If this keeps up, I'm going to need to go back to university to get a science degree!

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