Twelve Up Dice Game

The Twelve Up Dice Game is a game for children, and adults, which is heaps of fun to play.

It focuses strongly on addition and is a wonderful way to strengthen maths skills.

We love playing this game. In fact, I can't tell you how many times we've played it because we've played so frequently. Enough rambling! Here's how to play ...

Twelve Up Dice Game

Number of Players

  • 2 or more players.

Objective of the Twelve Up Dice Game

The objective of the game is to score the lowest number possible on the score sheet. Players use a dice to eliminate number tiles and achieve a low total at the end of each round.

Materials Needed for the Twelve Up Dice Game

Materials Needed

  • Two dice
  • Number tiles labelled with the numbers 1 to 12 ... ours are made of wood BUT you could use anything from bottle tops to cardboard squares.
  • Paper & pencil to record scores, which also involves additional addition (excuse the play with words :o)

Optional Additional Materials

  • An abacus ... helps children visually see the numbers they are adding
  • We recycled some tile stands from an old Scrabble Game to display our number tiles. However, this isn't really necessary.

How to the Play Twelve Up Dice Game

How to play the Twelve Up Dice Game

Arrange the number tiles in numeric order on the table or a stand.

The first player rolls both dice, adds them together and then turns the tile/s down to match.

For example, if a total of 6 is rolled, you could turn down the 6 tile, or the 2 & 4, or 1 & 5, or 1 & 2 & 3. The tiles turned down must equal the sum total of the dice rolled.

Place used number tiles face down on the table

The turned down tiles are placed face down on the table, away from the number tiles which are still in play.

The first player continues to roll the dice and turn down tiles until he/she is unable to play further (i.e., there are no tiles left standing which add up to the number rolled on the dice).

Write totals on the score sheet

When the player has finished his/her turn, the number of tiles still in play are added up. The total is then recorded under the player's name on a score sheet.

Play now moves to the second player who rolls the dice and turns down tiles.

Players continue to take turns until:

    1. they've had enough of playing the game for the moment
    2. one player reaches a pre-determined total (e.g., 300 points)
    3. players complete a pre-determined number of turns.

Why Is The Twelve Up Dice Game Effective?

  • We found the pace of the game adds to the excitement. Players continually roll the dice until they can no longer turn down tiles. There's no long waiting between 'rolls'.
  • Players are constantly adding:
    • the dice must be added together
    • the tiles must be added to match the number rolled on the dice
    • the final unplayed tiles must be added
    • the final score needs to be added onto the score sheet. This often involves adding double digits.
    • As you can imagine, that's a lot of adding!!!

So this game just adds up to a lot of fun! (Yes, I can hear you sighing again ... but I couldn't resist playing with words ... or at least attempting to. :o)

Let me know how your family goes with this game. It's definitely a family favourite here but I'm keen to hear how you go. Please leave a comment on this post or on our facebook page.

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