Tumble Bumble

Here's one of my all time favourite children's books. In fact, I started reading this book to our boys when they were just a few months old.

Tumble Bumble
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I confess, I could recite this book word for word.

The story starts with a tiny bug going for a walk. He meets a cat and they stop to talk. As the walk continues, they meet more animals.

Finally, they all tip-toe into someone's house and 'tumble bumble' up the stairs.

The story is told in a tone that is bright and cheerful. It's a pleasure to read as it's written in rhyme that flows.

This book is also great for children just beginning to read and can be used as an early reader.

Tumble Bumble was written and illustrated by Felicia Bond. Bond also illustrated the well-known children's book, "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie" written by Laura Numeroff. This is another great book.

Extension Activity for "Tumble Bumble":
This book lends itself perfectly to being acted out with stick puppets.

To make stick puppets, children can draw the characters on cardboard and then cut them out and tape a craft stick (or popsicle stick) to the back of it.

Using puppets enables children to:

  • Recall and enact out the story line
  • Use language from the story (including rhyming words)
  • Count the characters (1 through to 10)
  • Make up their own story using the characters from the book
  • Make up a continuation story ... i.e., what happens next?

Tumble Bumble has been one of our favourite books for years and I envisage it will continue to be so for a some time yet to come.

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