Silly Sneaky Snake Word Wheel

Today we made a Silly Sneaky Snake Word Wheel as an extension of our focus on the story, Farmer Blake and Sneaky Snake.
Farmer Blake and Sneaky Snake

Word Wheel for Sneaky Snake

In this story, the word family of 'ake' is focused on.

By using this word wheel, children can change the beginning letter to make many different 'ake' words (e.g., make, bake, cake, Blake, fake, flake, snake, shake, lake, take, rake, wake, quake).

At the end of the project, we stuck the word wheel to the pantry cupboard. This cupboard door is in a high traffic area.
Word Wheel for Sneaky Snake

The hope is that little fingers will be tempted to play with it as they walk past.

So far, it's working well. I've noticed both boys have a go with it at different times. Anything that can promote reading is definitely worthwhile!

Here's how to make this Silly Sneaky Snake Word Wheel.

  • Print out the free downloadable Silly Sneaky Snake Word Wheel:
  • Cut out the two parts - the wheel and the snake tail.
  • Word Wheel for Sneaky Snake
    Word Wheel for Sneaky Snake

  • Carefully make a hole in the middle of the wheel and another in the tail to join the two pieces together with a split pin.
  • Word Wheel for Sneaky Snake

  • Insert the split pin through the wheel, followed by the snake tail. The tail needs to be underneath the word wheel.
  • Word Wheel for Sneaky Snake

  • Complete the word wheel by writing the letters with pen or pencil.
  • Word Wheel for Sneaky Snake

  • You could colour your wheel using paint, pens or pencils. We later painted our word wheel to make the snakes stand out more.
  • Stick your word wheel to the wall, being careful only to secure the tail section. If you tape the wheel itself to the wall, it won't turn.

Hint: our word wheel was made out of cardboard. However, with the humid weather, the cardboard seemed to go a bit droopy. It would be better to laminate both pieces before connecting them together with the split pin.

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