Pea Sprout Maths

I love it when the boys are interested in something, which leads to further learning in some area of the curriculum (e.g., maths or science).
Pea Sprout Maths
This was the case with Daniel's pea as it has provided the perfect opportunity to introduce how to graph and record measurements: Pea Sprout Maths!

It all started when we planted some seeds in egg cartons , which, by the way, are the perfect seed starters. However, Daniel opted to take one pea seed and plant it in a pot.

Within a couple of days, Daniel's pea had sprouted as if it was fed some sort of super growth juice. Talk about a fast shooter! Must have been the pot as the egg carton seeds are yet to appear. Then again, it could have something to do with the fact that David planted the rest of the pea seeds 2 metres down in the potting mix. Okay ... that's probably a slight exaggeration as the egg cartons aren't that deep. Anyway, back to the story ...

Daniel was ecstatic that his pea was up first.

Pea Sprout Maths

Now came the chance to put some maths into action. Each day, after Daniel measures the height of his pea shoot, the measurement is recorded on a bar graph.

Pea Sprout Maths

The left hand side of the graph shows height measurements while the bottom bar of the graph shows dates.

Daniel is enjoying the task of measuring and recording the information daily. The best part, he's learning mathematical principles through fun!

Now, I just need to know how high pea plants grow! As long as it's not one of Jack's peas ... oh wait ... he had beans (i.e., Jack and the Beanstalk) ... it's okay, we'll be fine!

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