My, what big pupils you have!

My, what big pupils you have!
If you'd walked into our house recently and saw everyone sitting there with their hands covering their eyes, you'd be forgiven for thinking that we'd all lost the plot.

Believe it or not, we were actually doing something of a scientific nature.

We were observing how the pupils dilate when exposed to light, as part of our focus on the human body..

For such a simple activity, it was surprising there was some challenges to it.
My, what big eyes you have!

The First Challenge

... resist the urge to peek. The idea was to sit with your eyes closed while you count to 100. The counting to 100 wasn't a problem but the urge to peek was definitely a challenge for some of us.

The Second Challenge (for Mum only) ...

... was to stay awake. Having one's eyes closed for an extended period of time seemed like a definite invitation to take a nap!
My, what big eyes you have!

The Third Challenge ...

... was to be quick enough to watch the person's eyes once they'd been open and observe the pupil dilating due to the sudden increase of light flooding in. The dilation process is remarkably quick.

This was an activity that was great in the sense that it required no preparation, materials or clean up. It was effective in the sense that the boys were able to see one of the functions of the eyes actually happening.

However, I regret to say that Mum did miss out on a midday nap!

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