Monster and Frog

Monster and FrogMonster and Frog
Some of our favourite beginner reader books are found in the Monster and Frog series, written by Rose Impey and illustrated by Russell Ayto.

Rose Impey is a well known writer of children's books who has written numerous children's books.

Russell Ayto is an award-winning children's book illustrator.

Created by two wonderfully talented people, it's no wonder these books are enjoyed by so many children (and their parents)!

Monster and FrogMonster and Frog

The Monster and Frog books are based on two characters. If you're guessing one is a monster and the other is a frog, you're right! Go to top of the class. :o

Monster and Frog are the best of friends. I love the way these simple characters have been created with such richness. In many ways they are complete opposites:

  • Monster is big. Frog is small.
  • Monster is content with life as it is. Frog wants more adventure.
  • Monster doesn't seem to know much. Frog knows everything ... or at least he thinks he does. Actually, Frog often declares he's an expert ... on anything that's happening!
  • Monster sees the 'glass as half empty'. Frog sees the 'glass as half full'.

Monster and Frog

The combination of these two characters is hilarious and is a contributing fact to the success of these books.

The books are well written, especially for children who are just starting out on the road of independent reading. However, they're also great for reading to children as well.

The drawing style of the characters makes them perfect for children to focus on when learning to draw. This is something we did recently. You can read of our experience: How to Encourage Children to Draw.

While the process of drawing Monster was enjoyable, I also love the results.

A Drawing of Monster and Frog

There are nine titles in the Monster and Frog Series - some of which we've already enjoyed - some of which we are looking forward to enjoying! Now where's that library card so we can order some more?

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