Make A Floor Number Line

I've finally managed to get the floor number line down onto the floor ... something I've been planning to do for weeks. Unfortunately, it doesn't photograph very clearly.

The Floor Number Line

However, it does work really well.

The Floor Number Line

The floor number line moves from 0 to 100 in increments of ones, twos, fives and tens - each in a different colour.

The idea was to give the boys a greater understanding of how many 100 is. Our floor number line stretches nearly all the way down the hall!
The Floor Number Line

We will also use the floor number line to create a greater awareness of number order, number positions, repeating patterns, addition and subtraction.

Why Make A Floor Number Line?

I'm a great believer in using different aspects of the environment to display children's work and other items of interest.

Years ago ... okay, decades ago ... I remember one of my TAFE instructors saying that teachers should get down on the floor and have a look at the environment from the perspective of a child.

From child's height, the world definitely looks completely different!

The idea is to keep in mind how the world looks from a child's point of view when displaying items.

Most commonly, items are displayed on the walls. However the floor is also a terrific spot to display things ... and there's so much of it!

An Effective Way to Make A Floor Number Line

For our floor number line, the numbers were printed on coloured paper and then attached to the floor by covering them over with clear contact.

Good quality contact can be removed easily from the floor without leaving a sticky residue.

The Floor Number Line

When it comes to bedtime now, we have a new way to get to the bathroom to clean our teeth - counting in tens or fives from 0 to 100 on route.
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