Magic E Frog Game

The purpose of the Magic E Frog Game is to revise words which are influenced by the magic 'e' rule.

    The magic, or bossy, 'e' makes the vowel say its own name. This works when there is one consonant separating the magic 'e' from the vowel. An example of this is the word 'gate'. The 'e' makes the 'a' say its name.

Each player claims a lily pad by reading the word correctly and colouring the leaf. The goal is to read and claim as many lily pads as possible.

Preparation for the Magic E Frog Game

The Magic E Frog Game

Create a dice using a small, square wooden block. We used six stickers to turn the block into a dice with the following:






The Magic E Frog Game
The last sticker for the dice needs to have some froggy eyes drawn on it. When a player rolls the froggy eyes, he/she may choose to read any word from anywhere on the game sheet.

The Magic E Frog Game

Download and print the free Magic E Frog Game sheets . Paste or stick the pages together so they form one big game sheet. All the words should form five columns with each containing words matching vowels written in the green lily pad at the top of the column.

Each player also requires one pen or pencil to colour their lily pads. (A different colour for each player works best).

How to Play the Magic E Frog Game

Player One rolls the dice. He/she must:

The Magic E Frog Game

  • read the sound on the dice by saying ... 'e' makes the vowel say '___'
  • locate the corresponding vowel column on the game sheet. He/she is then able to choose any word listed in the column and then:
    • Read the word
    • Use the word in a sentence
    • Colour the lily pad to claim it. No other player is able to reclaim the lily pad once it has been claimed/coloured.

The Magic E Frog Game

The next player then has a turn.

Play continues until all lily pads have been claimed.

Please note: some of the words listed in the 'e_e' are more complex than the other columns. Beginner readers may need support to decode these.

The Magic E Frog Game

One of the things I enjoyed about this game is that it introduced a few words which we don't normally use in daily conversations. New words are great for expanding children's vocabulary.

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