Lyrebird Park: Missing Letter Puzzles

Aim of Lyrebird Park Missing Letter Puzzles:

For children to say the words and listen for the missing sound.

Lyrebird Park: Missing Letter Puzzles

Note: There are 3 Missing Letter Puzzles - each a different level of difficulty.

Puzzle No. 1 (easiest) contains single nouns, each missing the beginning sound/letter.

Puzzles No. 2 & No. 3 (harder) are sentence-based, each containing words with missing letters.

Instructions for Lyrebird Park Missing Letter Puzzles:

  • Read the story "Lyrebird Park" together with your child.
  • Print out one or more puzzles (3 sets available) :

    (Note: Keep the solutions pages aside for later)

  • Encourage your child to guess what the words may be (the pictures will help to remind child of the story).
  • Identify which sounds are missing (e.g., "s" from "snake").
  • Write in the missing letters.
  • Check the solutions pages.

The Benefits of Lyrebird Park Missing Letter Puzzles

These puzzles will encourage children to:

  • Exercise and refine small muscle control used when writing or drawing.
  • Engage cognitive (intellectual) skills of problem solving as children complete the puzzles.
  • Use memory recall skills as they remember words/sentences from the story.
  • Listen for the sounds which are used to make up words.

Offer your child plenty of encouragement and praise as they work through the puzzles.

Have fun!

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