Lyrebird Park Scrambled Sentences

Aim of the Lyrebird Park Scrambled Sentences:

Lyrebird Park Scrambled Sentences has been designed to encourage children to sort words into the correct sentence order.
Lyrebird Park - Scrambled Sentences

Note: There are 3 Scrambled Sentences Puzzles - each a different level of difficulty.

Scrambled Sentences Puzzle 1 (easiest) has 4 words to sort.

Scrambled Sentences Puzzle 2 (easiest) has 7 words to sort.

Scrambled Sentences Puzzle 3 (easiest) has 16 words to sort.

Instructions for Lyrebird Park Scrambled Sentences:

    1. Print and cut out these 3 word puzzle pieces:
    Note: Put the solutions page aside so it can be used to check answers once the puzzle has been finished.

    2. Arrange the words in the correct word order.

    3. Check the "Solutions" pages on the web site to see if your sentences are

    Have fun!

The Benefits of Lyrebird Park Scrambled Sentences

By participating in this scrambled words puzzle, children will be encouraged to:

  • Exercise visual discrimination skills as they search for individual words
  • Engage cognitive (intellectual) skills as they complete the puzzles
  • Use fine motor skills to cut out the puzzle pieces.
  • Use memory recall to remember the text from the story.
  • Look at the shape and patterns of words - which is an important part of spelling.
  • Examine punctuation such as capital letters for the beginning of sentences, full stops, exclamation marks, commas, speech marks, etc.

Have fun!

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