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24th September 2013
Aunt Lou’s Cockatoo version 2‘ now available in the App Store.
The App has been included in the Children age 6-8 range, although it is suitable for children from about 3 years of age.
Accordingly the App has a ‘Parental Gate‘ which deactivates outbound links.
The password for the Gate is ‘parentalGate‘ (one word case sensitive).

Susan’s new book ‘A Plucky Australian Platypus…‘ (slight change)
is now being put to press… that is, embodied in an App format.
With everyone working on it, it should not be too
long before it too will be in the in-house review status.

The target after completing Platypus will be to bring perhaps ‘Hog and Frog‘ to an equal technical version
as ‘A Plucky Australian Platypus’ and then each of the other seven Apps (9 in all) in turn.

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