How to Make Collaged Foxes With Kids

Want to know how to make collaged foxes? Okay, most people probably wouldn't have thought of making collaged foxes before however we've been doing a few foxy-art activities recently in celebration of our newest book app, Beware of the Dangerous Box!

How To Make Collaged Foxes with Kids

How To Make Collaged Foxes - Step 1: Make Basic Shapes!

How To Make Collaged Foxes With Kids: Steps to Follow

When you break a drawing into simple shapes, it is less daunting than trying to draw a fox all at once. This is especially true for children who believe they can't draw!

Everyone can draw simple shapes. It's just a matter of arranging them to form a more complex object which, in this case, is a fox!

Our collaged foxes are made up of these basic shapes ...

  • a large triangle (for the body)
  • an upside down triangle (for the head)
  • 2x triangles (for the ears)
  • a small tear drop (for the nose)
  • and an "S" shape (for the tail)

By looking at the photos, you can see how the basic shapes were arranged to create a fox and which order they were put together in.

How To Make Collaged Foxes - Step 2: Add Texture

Along the way, we added strips of coloured paper which added patterns and texture. The paper we used was handmade so the texture was rough and uneven.

In regards to the colours, we kept the colour palette simple and stuck to a few colours - some of which had different hues (e.g., light and dark green).

Of course, you don't necessarily need to put stripes on your fox. You could use anything such as:

  • celophane,
  • cotton wool,
  • cardboard,
  • magazine pictures cut into small pieces,
  • wrapping paper,
  • aluminum foil (for a very shiny fox wearing armour!)
  • shredded paper,
  • wool or string.

The list is really limited only by your imagination ... or what's in your collage bin!

By the end of our art session, we had made four collaged foxes.

How To Make Collaged Foxes

However, my favourite was definitely my son's collaged fox. The randomed triangles and crossed eyes makes him especially appealing. Then again, I admit, I'm biased!

How To Make Collaged Foxes

So now you know how to make collaged foxes using simple shapes! Have fun making your own!

We'd love to see what you create. Post some photos on our Facebook page. We're also on Pinterest so pop over and have a look there as well.

By the way, don't forget to check out Beware of the Dangerous Box! as there's a cute and curious fox in this humourous story!

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