Hog and Frog Differences


Hog and Frog Differences is a learning activity in which children complete sentences which relate to Hog and Frog.

Instructions for Hog and Frog Differences:

Hog and Frog: Differences

  • Read the story "Hog and Frog" together with your child.
  • Print out the worksheet:
  • Complete the sentences by selecting a word out of the box in the middle. Encourage your child to write the correct word in the space provided.

The Benefits of Hog and Frog Differences
This activity will help children begin recognising frequently used words in a meaningful context. The sentence structure is simple and short.

As children succeed in selecting the correct word, their self-esteem will be boasted.

Offer your child plenty of encouragement and praise as they work through the sentences.

Have fun!

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