Hens and Eggs With Food Colouring Paint

I love painting with food colouring. The colours created with food colouring paint are so vibrant and they run into each other creating marvelous patterns.

Furthermore, food colouring paint is inexpensive and readily available.
Farmer Blake and Sneaky Snake
Drawing Hens and Eggs

In this story extension activity, we looked at the illustrations in Farmer Blake and Sneaky Snake and then drew our own hens and egg.

Drawing Hens and Eggs

Providing children with artwork or photos to draw from is a great way to encourage them to look at shapes, colours, patterns, details and how they all fit together to make an illustration.

In this way, children's ideas and understandings of how to draw can be extended beyond what they may normally have done without examining pictures or photos.

Of course, the boys' drawings aren't expected to look the same as the illustrations in the story. The idea is to provide ideas and inspiration so they can create their own art work.

Drawing Hens and Eggs

Another way to extend children's drawings is to ask them questions. For example, "Do you think your hen needs some wings?" By asking carefully worded questions, you're not actually giving directions but prompting children to think about what else should be included.

Once the drawings were completed with a permanent marker, it was time to add some colour with paint made out of water and food colouring.

Drawing Hens and Eggs

An ice-cube tray makes the perfect food colouring paint container. Cotton buds make terrific 'brushes'.

I admit, I had a go with the paint as well.

Drawing Hens and Eggs

I've found that when I sit down and do my own painting or drawing, along-side the boys, they stay at an activity for longer and are more involved.

I don't draw or paint on children's artwork as I believe in respecting a child's work and their growing ability.

I'd be upset if someone came along and drew on my work as it would mean that my work wasn't good enough. In the same way, children need to be given the same respect.

It's the process that matters NOT the end result!

I love the individuality of each child's work. For example, David drew a three-legged hen while Daniel drew hens with wild eyes!

Drawing Hens and Eggs

As for my eggs, they contain words from the story. The idea is for them to be displayed on our kitchen pantry door so that they can be read by boys as they pass.

Displaying words on walls .... floors ... the ceiling ... windows ... doors ... and anywhere else you can think of, is a fun way to enrich the environment with written language. In addition, if there are words displayed, they can be copied by children who are learning to write and spell.

Drawing Hens and Eggs

Daniel took my idea of drawing eggs and added his own twist to it. He stuck together eggs so they formed an envelope. He then inserted small toys which later hatched out of the eggs.

I'm passionate about children's artwork. More time to paint and draw ... now we're talking!!!

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