Fly Swat Sight Words

Fly swat sight words is one of our all time favourite sight word games. It's a heap of fun.
The Fly Swat Sight Words Game

A word of warning: this is not a quiet game!

The Aim of Fly Swat Sight Words

For children to locate and read sight words and 'claim' them by swatting them with a fly swat. The goal is to collect as many sight word cards as possible.

No of Players: 1 or more people

Materials Needed for Fly Swat Sight Words

  • 1 flyswat per player
  • Sight word cards

How to Play Fly Swat Sight Words

  • Spread out the sight word cards on a table so all the words can be seen easily. Ensure there is plenty of space between each card.
  • 'Arm' each player with a fly swat.
  • The adult, or caller, reads out a sight word. Players take turns to locate and read the sight words. Once a player has found the correct sight word, he/she claims the card by swatting it. If the card is read correctly, the player collects the card and adds it to his/her pile of cards. If the word is read incorrectly, the player leaves the card there and the next player has a turn.

Note: encourage all players to read each word even if it's not their turn. In this way, all the players check each other and are kept reading throughout the game.

The game finishes when all the sight word cards have been claimed. Players then count how many cards they have collected.

Before starting the Fly Swat Sight Words Game, it's a good idea to set some ground rules such as how to use the fly swats appropriately. (E.g., words are to be swatted gently with the fly swat). This is especially important if you have some enthusiastic players armed with potentially lethal weapons! :o)

This is a very popular game and especially appeals to boys! Have fun!

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