Change the Story

Change the Story

A great way to extend children's creative abilities and problem-solving skills is to take a book and change the story.

For example, focus on a problem the character in the story is faced with and encourage children to come up with different solutions.

We did this recently with a wonderful picture book entitled, "Great Galloping Galoot" by Stephanie Thatcher.

Change the Story

The Problem

In the story, Galoot and the rest of the animals are faced with a problem: the log which the animals used as a bridge has been washed away and there's no way to get across the river.

The Challenge

Change the Story

The boys were given the book and asked to come up with their own solution to the there's-no-bridge-problem.
Change the Story

This is a great way to encourage children to think outside of the box.

The Solutions

I love the way the boys added their own details.
Change the Story

One put piranhas in the river ...
Change the Story

and the other included snapping turtles. (Perhaps they were influenced by wildlife documents we've been watching lately???) . Both added guns. Why? Hmmm! Sorry but I have no answer for this question.

By the way, "Great Galloping Galoot" is a terrific book for reinforcing to children that they should believe in themselves.

Galoot is a loveable giraffe who is prone to accidents. While other animals often make negative remarks about Galoot, Galoot believes in himself and tries his best. In the end, he manages to solve a problem that the rest of the animals were unable to resolve. Yeah for Galoot!

Do you encourage children to change stories by altering:

  • The problem?
  • The solution?
  • The characters?
  • The setting?

Why Change Stories?

By engaging in this sort of activity, children:

  • Use creativity to come up with new ideas/ solutions/ problems
  • Engage problem-solving strategies
  • Are encouraged to expand their own creative writing skills
  • Employ fine motor skills by drawing/writing

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