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Audiobooks as Writing Prompts

Use Audiobooks As Writing Prompts

Using audiobooks as writing prompts is a fantastically easy way to effectively springboard young writers into writing. For many children (and adults), …

Audiobooks are fantastic literacy tools!

Amazing Advantages of Audiobooks

Audiobooks are Fantastic Literacy Tools We’ve discovered we LOVE audiobooks! Want to know why? Read on … Recently, our family went on …

Hammock Reading Nook

Hammock Reading Nook

Reading outside is a “summer-must-do”! Creating a hammock reading nook makes the outdoor reading experience even better. There’s something magical about spreading …

Make Reading Irresistible

Make Reading IrresistibleMake reading irresistible for your children by following these simple, quick, inexpensive and easy steps.

Electronic or Printed Stories?

Which are better: Electronic or Printed Stories?Which are better for children – electronic or printed stories? The answer is simply: BOTH! If they’re getting our children …

Tips For Using Real Tools With Children

Using Real Tools with Children
I confess that when it comes to using real tools with children, my first thoughts are always about the horrible things that could go wrong. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that for so many years I’ve been striving to keep my boys safe and away from dangerous situations.

“Arming” children with potentially harmful tools seems to go against the grain.

However, it’s all about perspective. The truth is children benefit enormously by using real tools and , with plenty of supervision, they can use tools safely.

Reading Outside is Outstanding

Reading Outside

Reading is often considered an indoor activity. However, there are no rules which state that reading can’t be an outdoor activity.

In fact, studies show that simply being outside in the natural environment can significantly reduce stress levels.

It’s time to take reading time outside!

Hot Glue Guns Are Dangerous!

Hot Glue Guns Are Dangerous!It’s true! Hot glue guns are dangerous. The guns themselves can burn fingers as can the hot glue the guns produce.

Does this mean we shouldn’t give glue guns to children to use, under supervision? Do children benefit from using potentially harmful tools?

The truth is that everything, in one way or another, can be potentially harmful. If you’ve ever had a paper cut, you’ll know how painful that can be.

Raising and teaching children is a balancing act. It’s a continual challenge between balancing risk with challenge.

While hot glue guns are dangerous, they also present children with many valuable learning experiences.