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Sight Word Games

Sight word games

Sight Word Car Race

Sight Word Car RaceSight Word Car Race is a non-competitive game which is great for learning sight words. Easy to set up and fun to play. Uses materials from around your home.

Sight Words Block Game

Sight Words Block GameThe Sight Words Block Game gets children up and moving while they’re learning to read sight words. Heaps of fun. Easy to prepare. Effective!

DIY Penguin Skittles

Penguin SkittlesPenguin skittles are really easy to make using recycled materials and can be used to help children learn sight words, letter sounds, etc.

Mouse House Sight Words

Mouse House Sight WordsMouse House Sight Words is another really simple game to set up but one which gets children both reading sight words and moving! And it’s fun! Here’s how to do it.

Bump Word Game

Bump Word GameThe Bump Word Game helps children learn to spell & read words while having fun! It can be played by multiple players with different spelling abilities.

A Quick Sight Words Game

A Quick Sight Words Game
As we review, I’m often looking for different ways to make the process fun. Here’s a quick sight words game that’s really easy to prepare. In fact, you can do it in minutes.

The aim of this quick sight words game is for your child to read the word off the sight word card, use it in a sentence, locate it on the paper game sheet and mark it off.

Writing in Shaving Cream

Writing in Shaving Cream
The creators of shaving cream probably never dreamt that it would ever be used to teach children to write. However, that’s what we’ve been doing … writing in shaving cream!

If you haven’t had a chance to play with shaving cream yet, then I can seriously recommend it. This is one sensory experience that is absolutely fantastic – silky, smooth, soothing and very irresistible!

Sight Words Game: Tower Challenge

Sight Words Tower ChallengeChildren learn best when they’re having fun. Based on this principle, we often try to find ways to teach sight words in a way that is engaging and enjoyable. This is the theory behind the Sight Words Tower Game. The game is easy to set up. It can be played individually or in small groups.

Speedy Sight Words

Speedy Sight WordsSpeedy Sight Words is a sight words game which focuses on a limited number of words. The aim is increases the fluency and speedy of reading the sight words through repetition while playing a fun and challenging game. It’s easy to set up and promotes a range of skills.