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Puzzles Strengthen Skills Needed For Reading

Puzzles Strengthen Skills Needed For Reading Puzzles are powerful! Yes, those little cardboard pieces, all mixed up in an enormous jumble on the table, have the potential to strengthen skills needed for reading.

How can puzzles help children with reading? We’re glad you asked! (Okay – you may not have asked, but admit it – you’re curious about how puzzles relate to reading, aren’t you?)

As we read, we rely heavily on patterns (e.g., letter formations, word formations, repetitions of phrases, spacing between letters and words, shapes of words, etc). Without patterns, it would be extremely difficult to read.

The Educational Value of Puzzles

Educational Value of PuzzlesHave you ever wondered if or why puzzles are good for children? Here are some points to consider along with some helpful hints to help make your next puzzle session a rewarding experience. In fact, puzzles can be used to create some wonderful childhood memories due to positive social interactions.

Hog and Frog: Hidden Words

Hog and Frog - Hidden Words PuzzleHere’s a literacy activity based on the story, “Hog and Frog”. There are three hidden word puzzles.