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Messy Play

Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud!

Mud, Mud, Glorious MudMud, mud, glorious mud! Did you know there are at least 5 glorious reasons why children should play in mud?

Bubble Dough

Bubble Dough
When I read about bubble dough, I knew we had to try it for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, because we’ve been experimenting with making different types of slime. Secondly, because it involved mixing and making a mess (both of which my boys love doing).

Bubble Dough is made of three ingredients: hand soap, cornflour and food colouring.

The result is a silky dough which acts like slime. It stretches when pulled and breaks when it encounters force. It also mouldable. Did I mention it heaps of fun?!!!

DIY Bamboo Water Course

DIY Bamboo Water CourseTake some bamboo. Add some water. And voila! You have a bamboo water course!

It may sound simple but it’s heaps of fun. Best of all, it provides opportunities for a lot of learning to take place.

Yes, you may!

Yes, you may
Have you ever noticed that it’s much easier to say “no” at times than “Yes, you may”? Today I was reminded of this and how empowering the words “Yes, you may” really are.

We were busy making rainbow cupcakes (which turned out deliciously well, by the way), when the boys engaged in one of their all-time-favourite activities – messy cooking.

Soapy Slime

SoapyThis soapy slime is so easy to make and requires only 1 cake of soap. Easy, inexpensive & heaps of fun! A perfect sensory activity for young hands. Here’s how we made it.

Sensory Play: Playing with Gelatin

Playing with gelatinPlaying with gelatin is heaps of fun. However, there are a couple of things I will change BEFORE doing this sensory activity again. I found the gelatin to be very hard to clean up once it had dried … but that can be overcome. Was the activity worthwhile? Yes … just take some precautions for an easier clean up.

Playing With Gelatin: The Preparation

Playing With GelatinMost times, I’ll organise a craft or sensory activity for the boys to join. However, when it came to playing with gelatin, we made an activity of preparing for the activity.

Sound confusing? It’s not really.

Instead of me making the gelatin for the boys to play with the next day, the boys made it themselves.

7 Reasons Why to Play with Shredded Paper

Play with Shredded PaperShredded paper is superb open-ended material for children to both make and play with. We’ve found shredded paper promotes many essential skills such as team work, creative thinking and dramatic play. Best of all, however, it’s heaps of fun.

Writing in Shaving Cream

Writing in Shaving Cream
The creators of shaving cream probably never dreamt that it would ever be used to teach children to write. However, that’s what we’ve been doing … writing in shaving cream!

If you haven’t had a chance to play with shaving cream yet, then I can seriously recommend it. This is one sensory experience that is absolutely fantastic – silky, smooth, soothing and very irresistible!

Super Easy Clean Up Method

Super Easy Clean Up MethodWhile I was out mowing, the boys wanted to play with the grass clippings. However, I really didn’t want to have to rake grass up again after the play finished. The solution was easier than I thought and it worked so well. It was simply a matter of getting out a ground sheet and put the grass clippings on top.