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Multiplication Battleship

Multiplication Battleship

Multiplication Battleship is free printable game which encourages problem-solving, strategic thinking and multiplication skills. Your kids will love it!

Multiplication Kaboom

Multiplication Kaboom

Multiplication Kaboom is a fast moving game that promotes speedy recall of multiplication facts. Quick, inexpensive & easy to make. Heaps of fun to play!

Lego domino challenge

Lego Domino Challenge

Lego Domino Challenge plays with maths and science to create a chain reaction. Read how to make you’re own Lego Domino Challenge.

Hammock Reading Nook

Hammock Reading Nook

Reading outside is a “summer-must-do”! Creating a hammock reading nook makes the outdoor reading experience even better. There’s something magical about spreading …

Sight Words Block Game

Sight Words Block GameThe Sight Words Block Game gets children up and moving while they’re learning to read sight words. Heaps of fun. Easy to prepare. Effective!

DIY Penguin Skittles

Penguin SkittlesPenguin skittles are really easy to make using recycled materials and can be used to help children learn sight words, letter sounds, etc.

DIY Compound Word Game

DIY Compound Word GameDIY Compound Word Game is a fun matching game which is really easy and inexpensive to make.

The pegs add to the appeal of the activity. Plus there’s the added advantage of strengthening small motor muscles as pegs are squeezed and clipped on cardboard once they’ve been matched.

Deconstruction Recycling Time

Deconstruction Recycling TimeWhen a piece of electrical equipment stops working in our house (and it’s unrepairable), there’s a rush for the screw drivers as it is “Deconstruction Recycling Time!”

In other words, it’s time to recycle the piece of non-working equipment by turning it into a valuable learning experience as children deconstruction, or pull apart, the item. (Hmmm … the term deconstruction recycling time was easier to say!)

You could be forgiven for asking, ‘why?’ What’s the point of giving children screwdrivers and asking them to pull something apart?

Free Sneaky Snake Board Game

Sneaky Snake Board GameThe Free Sneaky Snake Board Game is now ready for downloading. I hope your children will enjoy playing it as they refine both reading and maths skills.

It’s based on the story, “Farmer Blake and Sneaky Snake” and is designed to encourage children to read while having fun.

Free Hog and Frog Game

Hog and Frog Game BoardHere’s a free printable Hog and Frog Board Game which I hope your children will enjoy.

It’s based on the story, “Hog and Frog” by Susan Syddall, and is designed to encourage children to read while having fun. There’s a game board to print out as well as Hippity Hop Cards which children need to read and follow the instructions written thereon.

Have fun!