It’s A Bad Day To Be A Fly!

IT'S A BAD DAY TO BE A FLY! is an interactive illustrated children’s audio book by Susan Syddall. Engaging illustrations and text have been designed to motivate children to read for pleasure and information.

It's A Bad Day To Be A Fly!

It's A Bad Day To Be A Fly! Story Outline

Mr Sty is just about to sit down and eat his delicious apple pie
when along comes a fly! This is no ordinary fly.
This is a trainee fly who is learning to do what flies do best.

Find out what a trainee fly needs to learn and
how Mr Sty plans on keeping the fly away from the apple pie!

It's A Bad Day To Be A Fly! Preview

It's A Bad Day To Be A Fly! Story Preview
It's A Bad Day To Be A Fly! Story Preview
It's A Bad Day To Be A Fly! Story Preview
It's A Bad Day To Be A Fly! Story Preview
It's A Bad Day To Be A Fly! Story Preview
It's A Bad Day To Be A Fly! Story Preview
It's A Bad Day To Be A Fly! Story Preview
It's A Bad Day To Be A Fly! Story Preview
It's A Bad Day To Be A Fly! Story Preview
It's A Bad Day To Be A Fly! Story Preview
It's A Bad Day To Be A Fly! Story Preview
It's A Bad Day To Be A Fly! Story Preview
It's A Bad Day To Be A Fly! Story Preview

This ends the preview of IT'S A BAD DAY TO BE A FLY!. To see the rest of this humorous story, buy the app here.

What's Unique About This App?

Our stories are designed to help children develop a love of reading. We do this by using:

  • Rhyme: This helps children to read word families and develops reading confidence.
  • Rhythm: Helps children recognise patterns in words and sentences and makes reading a pleasure.
  • Repetition: Allows children multiple opportunities to recognise, revisit and master written words.
  • Humour: Engages children in the text.

We aim for our books to:

  • Foster a love of language
  • Build and extend vocabulary
  • Capture children's interest
  • Inspire creativity
  • Kindle imagination.

Each story contains GUIDE NOTES for parents/educators which suggest activities and experiences which will extend children's learning based on concepts introduced in the books. The GUIDE NOTES include ideas for:

  • art
  • science
  • language
  • social/emotional/moral development
  • physical development
  • critical thinking and
  • maths.


- Original score and fun sound effects.
- Interactive learning activities which encourages comprehension and language development.

More About It's A Bad Day To Be A Fly!

IT'S A BAD DAY TO BE A FLY! is part of a literacy series designed to help children learn to read.

Educational Activities Based on It's A Bad Day To Be A Fly!

Extension activities are available for IT'S A BAD DAY TO BE A FLY!. These are fun extension activities further learning opportunities.

The following FREE extension activities can be downloaded for IT'S A BAD DAY TO BE A FLY!:

  • FREE Guide Notes
  • Fly Facts!
  • Fly Swat Sight Words!
  • FREE Extension Activities PACK 1 which include:

      Art Activity:
      - Fly's having a party!" (A drawing prompt game).

      Maths Activities:
      - Sudoku - Level 1

      - Fly Tiles (for maths games)

      - Fly Tiles Activity Instructions

      - Who Came First? (sequencing activity)

  • A second and more comprehensive Fly Extension Activities PACK 2 is available for purchase and contains the following activities:

      Art Activities
      - Fly’s Family Portrait Gallery (a drawing prompt activity)

      Maths Activities
      - Fly number cards (for sorting, sequencing, odds/evens)
      - Sudoku - Leve1 (4 x 4 grid)
      - Sudoku - Level 2 (6 x 6 grid)

      Language Activities
      - Crazy Fly Story (cooperative writing game)
      - Crazy Sentences (playing with words)
      - Create Your Own Shape Poem (includes explanations and instructions)
      - Flies & Butterflies (playing with words)
      - Help Mr Sty Find New Words (adjectives)
      - Hidden Words (word hunt in picture format)
      - How Many Words? (word game)
      - Identifying Real and Imaginary Characters (includes lesson plan 25 aligned with Australian Curriculum)
      - Long "i" Word Sort (includes word tiles and sorting sheets)
      - Memory Game (based on interesting words from the story)
      - Report Back (writing a book report)
      - Roll and Play with Words (a dice & word game)
      - What Happens Next? (writing & drawing activity)
      - Who is Who? (comprehension activity)
      - Word Shapes (puzzle)

It's A Bad Day To Be A Fly! is Is Loved By

Children aged 3 - 10 years.

Parent Notice About This App

  • Does not collect/share any user's personally identifiable information.
  • Does not contain Social Network Integration or other Social Features.
  • Does not contain ads.
  • Does not contain In App Purchases for additional content.

Customer Reviews

This book is both fiction and non-fiction rolled into one. One is the story of Mr. Sty trying to catch a fly and the other is of an information text on how to be a fly. The layout is different with the instructions on one page and the story on the other.

Interesting words are used such as pesky, annoying and ridiculous: words that young children love the sound of and will use time and time again!

Visually stimulating and an appealing text to boys, who, if anything like mine, do not like Princess stories but love the idea of swatting a fly!

The text is presented in a range of styles and colours that allows children the chance to experiment with expression.

This book could easily be used as an extension book to develop writing skills and a range of genre. Children can see writing has many different purposes through this book.

Sarah Shuttleworth ... a parent, teacher & school headmistress: United Kingdom


“Top notch in beautiful illustrations, storyline, expressive narration, rhyming text, the many interactive activities and child friendly navigation.

Both my boys, 3 and 6, love these apps. They remain engaged and have great replay value.

As a parent, I especially love the “Guide Notes”, they are so helpful and insightful.
We now have 5 apps from the series and they have been a wonderful addition to our digital library.

I would HIGHLY recommend this app!”

Kate Stinnet
Parent and App Reviewer
"Hi Susan, the books were super easy to download to my iPad!

They are fantastic stories. The illustrations make the stories come to life.

The best part for me, however, are the activities – and they are printable!!!!

Thank you so much! The children in my Year 2 class will love these stories!"

Michelle – Year 2 Class Teacher

A Truly Unruly Birthday!

Love stories that have an Australian theme. I love the illustrations in Susan Syddall's stories especially this one and "It's a BAD day to be a FLY". I can barely draw stick people.

Really appreciate the use of Foundation font in the activities Word Hunt, and Sounds, as this font is used in schools in many states throughout Australian (so I believe) including my own.

I like Activity10 - the maze. My 7yr old found the first level 'easy peasy' but it 'freakedâ' him out when I first showed him to hardest level. Haha, it was funny. So I'm saying it has something for all ages.

Also funny, as I'm typing this review from the next room I can hear Mr 7 singing "titter and tatter, that's what I can do", his version of the song that repeats occasionally throughout the story, haha so funny. (Giggling to myself now.) So do you think that means he likes the book? Yep! I reckon so.


Lyndel - parent

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