An Efficient Clean Up Method For Blocks

This is an efficient clean up method for blocks which I wish I'd known about years ago. It works really well with blocks such as Duplo or Lego, or any other construction set or small toys.

All you need is a large sheet.

Super Easy Clean-up Method

Spread the sheet on the floor before everyone starts playing with the blocks.

Once the play is finished, that's when the fun starts. Instead of picking up each block one at a time, now they can all be picked up at once.

Super Easy Clean-up Method

The trick is to grab the sheet by the corners.
Super Easy Clean-up Method

Place one end of the sheet in the block container.

Pour the blocks into their container by placing one end of the sheet in the bin and tipping the blocks slowly in.

Super Easy Clean-up Method

The only thing left to do now is to fold the sheet and get a cup of coffee.

No more crawling around on hands and knees to pick up a million pieces. No more arguments about who is picking up and who isn't. Then again, maybe your household runs smoother than mine and everyone is happy to pick up blocks and toys. If so, please email me with your secret.

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