Activity Printables

Welcome to our activity printables section. Below you'll find printables we've developed for:

  • Our Books: Literacy Series
  • Other books - ones we've enjoyed reading by a variety of authors.

Our Literacy Series

Farmer Blake and Sneaky Snake

Download for Farmer Blake and Sneaky Snake:

Guide Notes
Silly Sneaky Snake Word Wheel
Sneaky Snake Dice Game
Sneaky Snake Board Game

Also, have a look at these extension activities (not printables)
for Farmer Blake and Sneaky Snake:

Mud Pies for Hens
Hens and Eggs with Food Colouring Paint
Menus for Hens
Sneaky Snake Cooking Activity
Sneaky Snake Changes Colour
Sneaky Snake Visits

Scaredy Cat

Download for Scaredy Cat:
Guide Notes
Time To Draw

Grover Bill

Download your
Guide Notes
Gecko Art Project
Gecko Art Project No.2

for Grover Bill.

Hog and Frog

Download for Hog and Frog:
Guide Notes
Sort out the Differences
Picture Puzzles (3 sets)
Hidden Word Puzzles (3 sets)
Scrambled Sentence Puzzles (3 sets)
Hog and Frog Board Game
Hog and Frog: Memory Game
Hog and Frog: Crazy Sentences
Hog and Frog: What Came First?
Hog and Frog: Matching Game
Hog and Frog: Word Shapes

Lyrebird Park

Download your

Guide Notes

Lyrebird Park: Picture Puzzles
Lyrebird Park: Missing Letter Puzzles
Lyrebird Park: Scrambled Sentences

for Lyrebird Park.

Aunt Lou's Cockatoo

Download for Aunt Lou's Cockatoo:

Aunt Lou's Cockatoo Board Game (A3 - one page)

Aunt Lou's Cockatoo Board Game (A4 - two pages)

12 Drawing Prompts Based on Aunt Lou's Cockatoo (A4 - twelve pages)

It's a Bad day to be a Fly!

Download your

Guide Notes

for It's a Bad day to be a Fly!.

Extension Activities ( Full Activities Pack 2 at:... )

A Plucky Australian Platypus

Download for A Plucky Australian Platypus:

Platypus Writing Prompts (A4 - one page)

Platypus Facts

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We hope that you enjoy interacting with your child through these activities. Have fun!