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With stories and children education is life

We are continually adding to and updating our children's stories app collection like the new Aunt Lou's Cockatoo and A Plucky Australian Platypus. Each storybook is great source of English for kids, great for TESOL and special needs reading applications as well.

Your child will LOVE them!
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Stories and Children is about.. kids stories

  • Parenting and Child Health are advanced by reading
  • making stories come alive so reading is fun
  • supporting parents and teachers with ideas for reading and other story-related activities
  • providing quality stories for children – yes, we make story apps! Free App Preview Downloads

Children who read, will succeed!

This is what we believe!

We want to help you equip your children with life skills which starts very simply by reading stories in English for kids!

Reading Books with Children is Vital! Essential! Crucial!

With stories and children education is life
As you can see, we’re passionate about combining stories and children.
Which is why we’ve created our own children’s storybook apps and activities.
Reading is the key to children’s future. But more importantly,
reading stories with your child can be so much fun!

So welcome! Enjoy StoriesAndChildren’s Kids Stories!

By the way, we LOVE comments!!! So please feel free to leave comments about your experiences and thoughts here or on our facebook page. Have a great day!

Great English storybook apps that are ideal for early readers, special needs reading and TESOL applications. The stories in English for kids have teacher guide notes included and many special activities and resources. Susan’s illustrated books will help in learning English reading for kids and oldies alike.

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Drawing Develops Skills Needed for Reading

The Benefits of Drawing

It’s true. Research has shown that drawing develops skills needed for reading. Children who draw a lot, often become confident readers.

So pick up some pens and pencils. It’s time to draw!

Floating Eggs

Science Magic: Floating Eggs
Floating eggs is an experiment that demonstrates how density works. Floating eggs is an easy and safe experiment to set up and do.

The Unbreakable Egg

The Unbreakable Egg!
Here’s an egg experiment for you to try which will prove you can’t break an egg by squeezing it! The unbreakable egg is amazing and easy to do!

How Strong Are Eggshells?

How Strong Are Eggshells?Here’s an amazing egg experiment to answer the question … how strong are eggshells? You’ll be surprised! An easy and fun experiment with a cracking end!

Sight Word Car Race

Sight Word Car RaceSight Word Car Race is a non-competitive game which is great for learning sight words. Easy to set up and fun to play. Uses materials from around your home.

Sight Words Block Game

Sight Words Block GameThe Sight Words Block Game gets children up and moving while they’re learning to read sight words. Heaps of fun. Easy to prepare. Effective!

Electric Bubble-Maker

Electric Bubble-MakerMake an electric bubble-maker that will have your kids experimenting with science.

Do Children Belong in Trees?

Children Belong in TreesDo children belong in trees? Tree climbing is potentially dangerous! However, before you answer, have a look at all the benefits tree climbing offers …

DIY Penguin Skittles

Penguin SkittlesPenguin skittles are really easy to make using recycled materials and can be used to help children learn sight words, letter sounds, etc.

Mouse House Sight Words

Mouse House Sight WordsMouse House Sight Words is another really simple game to set up but one which gets children both reading sight words and moving! And it’s fun! Here’s how to do it.